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Dear Customer

EastCoast Sutlery is currently run on hobby basis again.
The attempt to run it full time did not work and have taken a income bringing job.
As I have a fulltime job, the time for the Sutlery is limited.
Due to this delivery time on the handkrafted leather is allmost impossible to calculate.
The stock is currently low, but will slowly be built up again.

Happy shopping!

EastCoast Quartermasters is a sutlery dealing with import and selling of clothes and equipment used in the Civil War and “Old West” era. We are also selling belts, holsters and other leather equipment manufactured by a local leather craftsman. All items manufactured by them is made “by order”, it’s nothing we have in stock. When you order, they make it. This gives you the choice to any special requirements you may have.
These items are not returnable!

We have for many years bin active in American living history and Civil War Re-enactment, and our goal with this sutlery is to supply the hobby with clothes and equipment of reasonable quality and price. We do not have store, but we have our web shop and we do also visit re-enactment events around Scandinavia with our sutlery.
Happy Shopping  

To all customers outside Sweden.
We deliver "World Wide". Note that shipping is not included in the prices.
We process youre order and first when packed can we calculate shipping cost.
Shipping cost is then added to youre total cost of order on youre PayPal request. 


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