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  1. Officers Sword Knot

    Officers Sword Knot

    175,00 kr

    Slut i lager

    Officers Sword Knot Läs mer
  2. CS Sabre Belt

    Officers Belt

    600,00 kr

    Officers leather belt.
    A sabre belt with your choise of belt buckle,
    CS spoon and wreath buckle or US two piece eagle belt buckle.
    Sworclips not included.
    Messure your waist were you intend to wear the belt. Läs mer
  3. Leather Sword Knot

    Cavalry Sword Knot

    275,00 kr

    Cavalry Sword Knot.
    Leather sword knot in black only. Läs mer
  4. NCO Balldric

    NCO Balldric

    500,00 kr

    Leather NCO Balldric.
    In Black only with US eagle breastplate.
    To carry bouth NCO sword and bayonet. Läs mer
  5. Brass Swivel Sword Clips

    Brass Swivel Sword Clips

    125,00 kr

    Brass Swivel Sword Clips.
    Sold in pairs. Läs mer

5 artiklar

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