Leather products, made by our local leatherkrafts men. They have manufactured leather holsters for many years now. Her you can see our range of their work. This is 100% Handcrafted leather. These products are all special order items, not returnable and nothing we have in stock. Everything is made by order. Delivery time is at the moment hard to calculate.

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  1. Leather Sword Knot

    Cavalry Sword Knot

    275,00 kr

    Cavalry Sword Knot.
    Leather sword knot in black only. Läs mer
  2. Leather Flag Carrier

    Leather Flag Carrier

    500,00 kr

    Leather Flag Carrier.
    Chose color. Läs mer
  3. NCO Balldric

    NCO Balldric

    500,00 kr

    Leather NCO Balldric.
    In Black only with US eagle breastplate.
    To carry bouth NCO sword and bayonet. Läs mer
  4. Enfield Bayonet Frog

    Enfield Bayonet Frog

    225,00 kr

    Enfield Bayonet Frog.
    In black leather only. Läs mer
  5. Army Spurr Strap

    Army Spurr Strap

    100,00 kr

    Arrmy spurr strap.
    Black leather strap for army style spurr. Läs mer
  6. The Mexico Spurr Strap

    The Mexico Spurr Strap

    200,00 kr

    The Mexico Spurr Strap
    Läs mer
  7. The Mexico Rivet Spurr Strap

    The Mexico Rivet Spurr Strap

    250,00 kr

    The Mexico Rivet Spurr Strap Läs mer
  8. The California Spurr Strap

    The California Spurr Strap

    200,00 kr

    The California Spurr Strap
    Please give the messurement
    knob to knob on spurr over the boot. Läs mer
  9. Leather Wallet

    Leather Wallet

    375,00 kr

    Three Fold Leather Wallet.
    Large three fold wallet. Läs mer
  10. Military style basket weave

    Snuffbox pouch

    325,00 kr

    Snuffbox pouch.
    Available in military style and modern style. Läs mer

Artiklar 1 till 10 av totalt 20

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