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East Coast Quartermasters

Importer of Civil War & Old West products, uniforms, accessories, shoes/boots and gun leather.
Manufacturer of handcrafted gun leather, leather items for dog, horse, fishing and hunting accessories. 

Ho are we.

We are leather craftsmen, civil war and old west reenactors ho decided to take our hobby one step further.
We have for many years manufactured and sold handcrafted holster, belts, bags/boxes and much more.
A few years back we even started sewing uniforms and period clothes.
We decided to start our company fall of 2007 and in spring 2008 EastCoast Quartermasters Trading Company was up and running.
We have contact with various craftsmen manufacturing Native beadworks and jewellery, ironworks and blacksmith.
We are at the moment in progress to develop a hand engraved glass collection.

Our products.

Majority of our products we import from all over the world.
We have established a god relationship with our suppliers and have the possibility to influence quality and product range.
Our handcrafted leather holds highest quality. We do not have handcrafted leather in stock; they are all made on order.
Our handcrafted Native products are individually unique, all made after inspiration.
The engraved glass collection is made by a recognised glass engraver.

Our handcrafted leather.

We use vegetable tanned leather only.
We colour it with leather dye, and black dyed items we also varnish, because they have a tendency to discolour.
We make everything on order, have normally nothing in stock.
And as it all is "custom made" it is nor returnable.  
We can make almost anything you ask us to do, except saddles and footware.
Even though we may not have what you’re looking for in our web store, don’t hesitate to ask and we will try to accommodate your request.
And we guarantee it to be 100% handcrafted.

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